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Life at Emarald College Mannarkkad

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Life at Emarald College

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​At Emarald College, we pay close attention and develop relationships with our students, allowing for the adaptation of curricula to meet the social, emotional, and educational needs of everyone. Our student experience is enriched by athletics, volunteer opportunities, class trips, and other exciting extracurricular activities and we train our students to get placed in reputed companies.  Emarald College is one of the best campuses to foster students academically, intellectually and socially. The campus is huge enough for the students to have a quiet or fun moment of their own. Emarald College has many clubs where students can join and meet likeminded, friendly people from all over the country. All electronic gadgets are allowed inside the campus and hostels, be it a laptop, camera, tablet and students are also allowed to keep up with music practice in hostels involving instruments. The professors are well experienced and  have excellent dominion knowledge which make the process of learning pleasant and simple. Emarald College provides the students with endless possibilities for creative, fun and knowledgeable gatherings like fests, activities, workshops, trainings, symposiums  and competitions organized at a regular basis, hosted by one of departments in the varsity. These gatherings and celebrations  will take our students to a different world with its colourful props and theme based decorations organized with exceptional care and dedication by the students. Emarald College is a gold mine, waiting to be explored!

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